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second hand clothes

Second hand clothing

Used clothing from the European countries is in a very good condition. For poorer counties these goods provide a chance to acquire less expensive clothing of good quality.

second hand shoes

Second hand shoes

Sturdy footwear is important to protect ones feet, both in winter and summer. We buy large quantities of worn shoes and resell them as secondhand-shoes.

cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths

Clothing and other textile household articles that can no longer be sold are being is processed into cleaning cloths for industry uses. This way we can assure a meaningful re-use of these materials.

>Cleaning cloths

Nikolaus Gutiu GmbH


We are a trading company based in Lanzenkirchen in Lower Austria specialised in the export of secondhand clothing and shoes. ears of experience in this domain and an our international business relations enable us to professionally carry out projects of any size.

second hand clothing & shoes

From Lower Austria to Africa – the long way of our second hand clothes

Our team is in Europe as well as in Asia, Africa and also in South America active. Since the foundation of our business in 1994 we accumulated our expertise in international trade. Our business lead to to Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Moldova, Georgia, Spain, Belgium, France, Tunisia, Madagascar, Chile, Togo and Benin. In total over 30 countries on 4 continents.

Over 200 tonns of second hand clothing stored

Our warehouse in Lanzenkirchen has 6000 m² over 30 tonns of presorted second hand clothing ready for export. This enables us to fulfill orders in a timely fashion. Second hand shoes, clothing or cleaning cloths are all available on the spot due to our high capacity warehouse.

After the second hand clothing arrives at our warehouse as unsorted clothing, we perform a rough sorting into different categories. Clothing that cannot be reused is pocessed into cleaning cloths for industria use.

We are member of the german umbrella organisation for textile raw materials!

Gutiu Nikolaus GmbH stands for high quality and dependability. Since the foundation of our   company in 1994 we were able to continuously grow our area of expertise. Today we deliver to local clients, like socio-economic businesses and charitable organisations, and international customers. From our base of operation in Lanzenkirchen, Lower Austria we coordinate and carry out our international projects.

As a member of the german umbrella organisation for textile raw materials we pledge to uphold to our best abilities the quality standards set by the recycling company decree.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at 0043 / 26 27 45 129 or on mobile 0043 / 664 402 58 38 !

Gutiu Nikolaus GmbH – the export team for second hand clothing and shoes from Lanzenkirchen, Lower Austria.

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